Ed Dokus 
About:  Ed Dokus

I first saw the prototype and spoke with the designer
while attending Airventure in Oshkosh in the latter
part of 1970. I was very much impressed with the performance
details of the design and blown away by the professional
quality of the engineering drawings. The details were so well
illustrated. I was building a Smyth Sidewinder at the time and
wasn't able to handle two projects at the same time. I mentioned
the the high impression I had for the Mk V to a friend and fellow
builder who bought a set of plans for use in an EAA project
Schoolflight being set up in Sommerville high school in
Massachusetts. The school shop teacher was a member of Greater
Boston EAA Chapter 106 and an avid aviation enthusiast. The
project progressed well over the years but the shop teacher
eventually retired. Unfortunately, the project lay dormant for
several years with no activity. My friend who bore the expense
for material and non-school machining needs finally reclaimed the
project and stored the completed components at his home. I had
built a Rutan Variviggen and Hamilton-Stoddard Glastar with partners
over the intervening years and found myself retired with no
project activity. I offered to provide the use of my shop and equipment

 for a partnership in the Mk V. and he initially agreed but subsequently 
changed his mind and decided to sell it outright. I made an offer
which he readily accepted and took possession of the completed
components and substantial amount of raw materials. Fortunately
the main gear attachment was included which is a substantial steel