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Jim Swat​osh
We would like to hear from you if you have built a Mark V or if you just have a set of prints.  We want to update everyone on changes should they occur.
1506 Cottage Dr
Stillwater Mn 55082
United States of America
Tel.: 956-607-6088
Tel: 612-229-9706
Email: [email protected]

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I started flying lessons on a grass runway in rural Minnesota back in 1978.  Life got in the way of continuing, but the dream lived on.  On a whim in 2013 I bought the disassembled Durand Mark V which was designed and built by engineer William H. Durand.  

Over the years and through research I came to respect and admire Mr. Durand and discovered what a diamond in the rough I now owned.  I met William's son Jim and with Larry Quigley and Paul Kanka, two builders with William on the Mark V.  They showed me the hangar in Omaha, Nebraska where the assembly took place over a period of seven years.  

My hope is to contribute to the legacy William began and to pass on the dream of the Durand Mark V to future owners/ builders.

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